Cloud Club: Blockchain – the use cases

Blockchain technology alone does not solve customers’ problems – the right design and solutions do!

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Axla, Munkehatten 28, Odense

Distributed Ledger Technology enables entirely new business models for almost all industries.

Companies, governments, and educational institutions that create digital assets and digital experiences have a huge potential to create new and possibly more democratic business models without increasing transaction costs or introducing an outside third party.

Technology alone does not solve customer problems – the right design and solutions do!

Welcome to an exiting evening in the world of Blockchain according to Jonas Sveistup Søgaard, Senior Manager at Deloitte.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 5.00 to 7.00 PM
Axla, Munkehatten 28, Odense

17:00 Welcome to Axla by René Holdgaard Wilhardt
17:15 Blockchain – is it only Bitcoin?
17:45 Light meal and networking
18:15 Blockchain – no, it’s not only Bitcoin; it’s also many other use cases
19:00 Bye

We are in the hands of a pro:
Throughout Jonas’ career, understanding technology’s impact on businesses has been the recurring theme. Jonas’ combined experience as a Deloitte IT management consultant (10 years), strategy consultant and head of Robotics Center of Excellence in TDC (1.5 years), and practice-oriented industrial Ph.D. within Distributed Ledger Technology (3 years) has provided a solid foundation for understanding and analyzing customers’ needs and designing and delivering solutions that match those needs.

In Deloitte, besides being part of the Danish blockchain team and global network, Jonas is responsible for a blockchain community infusing blockchain knowledge into the future of finance through a technical and strategic lens. Jonas and his team produce articles, podcasts, and other relevant content for CFOs in large corporations.

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