Cloud Club: Why you should learn from mainframe mistakes, when your head is in the cloud?

Join Cloud Club when CYBERNORDIC enters the stage at Coworking Plus, Odense

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Coworking Plus, Kochsgade 31D, Odense

17:00 Welcome
17:15 First talk
17:45 Light meal and networking
18:15 Second Talk
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Based on our experience with mainframe and cloud installations – we will highlight some of the past mistakes that still haunt us today, even if it’s 70 years later.

When the road to “SPECIAL” (IBM) privileges is an 8 lane highway, and your “serverless” functions might just be a fantasy.

And most importantly – how do you fix things without A.I – Machine Learning and (insert random buzz word here)

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 5.00 to 7.00 PM
Coworking Plus, Kochsgade 31D, Odense

Cloud Club er en række gå-hjem-møder og kurser, som henvender sig til SW-udviklere, projektmedarbejdere, designere osv. i it- og tech-virksomheder.