How to work in distributed teams

– Insights from the industry and academia. How do we make the best of our teamwork?

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Part 1: Cross-cultural teamwork. How do we make the best of our global teamwork – a Nordic perspective
Which challenges may cross-cultural teamwork encounter – especially when they are confronted with the Nordic leadership style?

Possibilities, Pitfalls, Tips & Things to be aware of when we work across borders.

Kirsten Weiss is a Danish journalist, lecturer, and the author of ’Living with Vikings – How to Live and Work in the Nordic Countries’.

She offers guidance on culture, working abroad, and work-life balance, with a particular focus on the North. Read more at

Part 2: Transfer of Assignments
How do you transfer assignments and what is best practice when working with a Nearshore or Offshore Team?  What should you expect and what do you need to chip into the corporation?

Service Delivery Manager at CrossWorkers, Egypt Mariam Zaki have an extensive knowledge of supporting both Customers and Distributed Teams in both the operational and tactical corporation.

Part 3: Implicit bias and negative stereotyping in distributed work and why it is time to move on!
In this talk Stina Matthiesen provides stories about how technologies and the organizations of work risk obscuring everyday issues in global software outsourcing. In particular, Stina points to how the notion of culture and use of stereotypes risk hiding actual issues in distributed work, and she ends her talk by bringing forward a few suggestions on how to move forward.  

Stina Matthiesen is an assistant professor at Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. Stina has a background in software development and engineering. However, her work largely builds on qualitative field research and her primary interest is to unfold and analyze how digital technologies enable, or hinder various forms of work and collaboration. Stina wrote her doctoral dissertation on negative stereotyping in global software outsourcing. Lately Stina has also been involved in co-designing, experimenting with, and evaluating the ways in which AI and data-driven technologies can support clinical decision-making in healthcare.

Date & Time: 29.04.21 at 09:00 (CET)
Duration: 1 hour 30 min.