How to solve the lack of Qualified IT workforce – Solutions!

Branding in practice, The future of recruitment & Outsourcing, distributed development has become a must for most Tech organizations

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Part 1: Branding in practice – How to become the go-to expert?
Becoming the thought leader requires more than a LinkedIn-profile and a monthly newsletter. It requires consistently delivering high quality content at a frequency that will leave most B2B’s gasping for air. In part 3, I’ll show you how to keep up online.

Founder of Montanus, Mikkel Svold, have worked with knowledge driven B2B companies for nearly 10 year. Today, he helps companies position themselves as thought leaders by producing and distributing high quality content at astounding rates.  

Part 2: The future of recruitment: Recruitment Marketing
It’s no secret that you won’t find the most attractive candidates on classical job sites. Candidates’ behavior resembles consumers more and more which means that as a recruiter you need to broaden your search and make an extra effort in communication messages to stay top of mind. We’ll introduce you to the basics of recruitment marketing which will enable you to efficiently attract and convert candidates into your next employees (or ambassadors) via customized candidate journeys and initiatives on SoMe.

Maria Ohm, Marketing & Communication Manager at SEEKNSPEAK. She knows her way around Marketing (especially B2B) and what works on SoMe. By combining the knowledge of recruiting with marketing for the past four years SEEKNSPEAK has created creative concepts for customers to help them build strong Employer Brands and recruit more efficiently.

Part 3: Outsourcing, distributed development has become a must for most Tech organizations
The use of distributed Teams as a quick and financially sound way to solve the lack of IT professionals in Europe and at the same time improve the competitive advantage for European companies.

CEO & Founder of CrossWorkers Hans Henrik Groth have significant knowledge of running IT Outstaffing operations in Ukraine, Pakistan and Egypt as well as experience as HR Director within IT from Denmark.

Date & Time: 18.03.21 at 09:00 (CET)
Duration: 1 hour 30 min.