How do we get talented IT staff to Europe

– IT Outstaffing is not just for large companies. Outstaffing, IT security & How Corona changed the Online work

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Part 1: Outstaffing what is it?
How do you find the right location and vendor – when does it make sense to build you own setup.  What are the delivery models and what fits your needs? What are the global trends and how do you make sure you make the correct choices.

CEO & Founder of CrossWorkers Hans Henrik Groth have significant knowledge of running IT Outstaffing operations in Ukraine, Pakistan and Egypt as well as experience as HR Director within IT from Denmark.

Part 2: IT security when working with distributed teams – in the light of the pandemic
The global pandemic has changed the way we work dramatically. Imagine if you (in February 2020) suggested to stakeholders that all employees should work from home and with a deadline of one week to complete implementation? Working in distributed teams pushes the limit on the digital platform, the individuals, managers as well as introducing a significant new cyber security risk.

Tommy Hvid, Senior Security Advisor, and founder of Nordic Protect. Extensive experience cross branch in the Energy-, Oil & Gas-, and Financial Industries. CISO and Situation Manager and +25 years of experience in operational IT and cyber security.

Part 3: How Corona changed the online work
Online work has become the new normal and is not going to go away. Organizations do best to plan for hybrid models that can balance online work efficiencies with ways to secure social interactions in person. My presentation will focus on the critical points in stabilizing hybrid work.

Dorina Gnaur, Associate Professor in Learning and Technology at Aalborg University, Department of Culture and Learning. Also coordinator of the Master of IT-Programme, The Organizational specialization at AAU, including: Online Strategy, Collaboration and Learning; The IT-Manager; The IT-Change Agent; and Data-driven Organizational Change (forthcoming).

Date & Time: 15.04.21 at 09:00 (CET)
Duration: 1 hour 30 min.