As a member of the Danish ICT industry Association, the company and its employees are following the articles of the association, obliged to:

  • Respect the confidentiality of the internal affairs of the association towards intruders.
  • Comply with any order made by the Association’s Executive to comply with the statutes and resolutions passed at general meetings.
  • Reporting figures on the company’s total revenue and number of employees in cases where the Board takes the initiative to formulate general industry statistics. The reported figures remain confidential and will only be included in the general industry statistics.
  • Annual report the number of employees in the company.
  • Observe good industry practices, including to comply with applicable law.

The rules of membership can be found on the website of the Danish ICT Industry Association; and in the welcome package inside the Articles of Association.


Resignation of a membership can take place by mailing The resignation will have effect next year at the end of the quarter the resignation was made in. Thus a resignation made in Q1 have effect at the end of Q1 the year after.

Cost of Membership

The membership fee is calculated from the number of all full-time employees. Part-time employees are included proportionally. As a new member, the membership fee is calculated from the number of employees at the time of enrollment. The membership fee applies to the current calendar year, regardless of registration date.

Companies with less than 25 employees will automatically begin a integration plan in the first 2 years of membership (discount applies per calendar year regardless of the enrollment date). See table overview below.

Number of employees1st year of integration2nd year of integration
Fully integrated
0-17.896 DKK7.896 DKK7.896 DKK
2-47.896 DKK
(50 % discount)
11.844 DKK
(25 % discount)
15.791 DKK
5-97.896 DKK
(70 % discount)
15.791 DKK
(40 % discount)
26.319 DKK
10-1411.844 DKK
(70 % discount)
23.687 DKK
(40 % discount)
39.478 DKK
15-2411.790 DKK
(72 % discount)
26.318 DKK
(37,5 % discount)
42.109 DKK

Larger companies

A membership of the Danish ICT Industry Association also includes collective membership of the Danish Chamber of Commerce (basic membership) and access to their membership benefits. The membership fee is calculated from number of employees in the company in Denmark. In 2023, the fee rates for companies with +25 employees are as follows:

Number of employeesAnnual fee (ex. VAT)
25-4980.268 DKK
50-9989.092 DKK
100-249120.205 DKK
250-499125.313 DKK
500-999150.091 DKK
1.000-4.999174.618 DKK
5.000-7.499211.927 DKK
7.500-9.999261.916 DKK
+10.000322.885 DKK

All memberships fees are in DKK exclusive of VAT. The fee can be deducted as operating expenditure, while VAT can be deducted VAT accounts.