Inspirational Talks

Se alle de inspirerende og lærerige oplæg fra IT-Branchens Inspirational Talks


Inspiration is a stimulus that triggers mental activity, and as we all know, it is crucial to constantly stay informed and thus be inspired by listening, interpreting, and adding to one’s own pearl of wisdom. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to fit into one’s everyday life. We have developed ITB’s Inspirational Talks for that exact reason. We promise to keep you inspired with new knowledge every single month.

The Inspirational Talks is a member’s only offer and will be held once a month. It will be up to the speaker whether they chose to offer the talk in English or Danish. The talks will always be held virtually and last an hour. During this hour, the participants will be able to have Q&A sessions with the speaker. The speaker determines whether the Q&A will happen during or after the presentation.

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