What will the future of retail look like?

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Covid-19 has accelerated future retail trends as many businesses rapidly adopt new services and technologies. So what will the future of retail look like? And what lessons can we learn from China as a trendsetter within global digital commerce?

This FUTURE OF session will cover how retail experiences and expectations are evolving in China – and more importantly How to Win in the world’s largest and most sought after marketplace. Find inspiration and apply learnings to your own business from shared local insights, successful examples from renown brands and actionable directives courtesy of the AKQA China team.

Steven Gutteridge, Executive Director of Product & Design for AKQA Greater China, will give a 25 minute presentation. Afterwards, we will open the floor for an informal dialogue and questions.  

This session, FUTURE OF RETAIL, is co-hosted by Steffen Blauenfeldt Otkjær, CEO AKQA Denmark.

Bio on speaker

Steven Gutterigde, Executive Director of Product & Design for AKQA Greater China

Steven has spent the majority of his career in China, developing engaging and effective experiences for brands spanning digital, physical and spatial touch points.

Combining his product engineering and product management experiences with consumer strategy and human centered design credentials, Steven has been pivotal in creating, launching and sustaining a number of brands in Asia, N. America, the Americas and Europe.

He has formal qualifications in both industrial design and technology, has contributed to over 60 patents filed globally and today is the Executive Director of Product & Design for AKQA Greater China.


September 1 2021 at 08.30 – 09.30 CET
The event is free of charge, only for members of ITB and primarily for digital agencies

FUTURE OF events

FUTURE OF is a new event series that focus on future trends within the sphere of digital agencies. The events can be either virtual or physical depending on the speaker. If you are interested in co-hosting the next FUTURE OF session, please reach out to Charlotte Holm Billund (chbi@itb.dk).