B2B Selling in Turbulent Times

Webinar: How to Handle the Rough Seas Ahead

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The economy is going to be a hot issue in 2020 and we all have to navigate through financially tough times.  Nobody has real experience or expertise in this new normal that has emerged. 

During an economic slump, it’s tough for even the best sales leaders and teams to advance and close business. Downturns cause projects to get delayed or cancelled, executives slash discretionary spending as companies face intense pressure to show quick returns on investment, and once-loyal customers consider cheaper competitors. Yet some companies still manage to close deals.

In this exclusive webinar Peter Sondergaard of The Sondergaard Group (former Gartner Executive Vice President and Head of Global Research), Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, Tony Cascio and Jens Lind-Winther, both Managing Partners of ValueSelling Associates will share best practices for sales to continue generating business during challenging financial times.

March 31st at 800 PT/1700 CET

We’ll give our input on:

  • Prepare your business and leadership team to remain strong during a financial crisis
  • Understand and implement new techniques for the current economic climate
  • Create growth, new value, and need in the mind of your buyers
  • Manage your sales processes faster than your competitors
  • Increase margins without losing to competitors