With more than 400 ICT-member companies The Danish IT Industry Association (ITB) is the largest and leading independent representative for the IT-business community in Denmark.

To view all our members, please visit our member directory here.

Our main member-services are:
A unique IT-business network
Political influence and results
Free legal counselling
Profitable membership advantages
Special offers on meeting rooms in the centre of Copenhagen

ITB provides an informal platform where members meet, discuss and do business. The membership is valid for the entire company, and the ITB events focus on different aspects of your company. Some are targeted the CEO of the company, others the sales director or the manager of Human Resources.

ITB has an impressive political track record. Our results are based on continuous dialogue with the relevant people who take part in creating the framework surrounding the IT-business community in Denmark.

ITB organizes our members in different boards which discuss crucial subjects relevant to your company, for instance digital administration, open source, research and education. The purpose of these boards is to improve the business framework for the members - based on the principles of free competition.

Last but not least we provide our members with free legal councelling and low-cost meeting rooms in The Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen - along with several profitable membership advantages.

To contact the secretariat, please contact itb@itb.dk.