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A new event series that focus on future trends within the sphere of digital agencies.


FUTURE OF is a new event series that focus on future trends within the sphere of digital agencies. The events can be either virtual or physical depending on the speaker. The events is free of charge, only for members of ITB and primarily for digital agencies.

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    Tidligere events fra FUTURE OF

    Future of metaverse


    FUTURE OF METAVERSE covered why the Metaverse will create the single biggest opportunity for brands in 2022 and the importance of representing with authenticity in this new virtual world.
    The speaker Andy Hood has been a fully immersed observer and influencer of emerging technologies for more than 20 years. A long-time key employee with AKQA where he founded the Creative Research & Development team, he’s managed to help some of the world’s most forward-looking companies to adapt new technologies way ahead of the curve. Using a term such as a “finger on the pulse” would be vastly understating the importance of the work Andy has done to interpret and adopt everything groundbreaking into real life businesses while taking the time to understand and describe the cultural perspective these bring to humankind.
    Future of Retail


    This FUTURE OF session covered how retail experiences and expectations are evolving in China – and more importantly: How to Win in the world’s largest and most sought after marketplace. Find inspiration and apply learnings to your own business from shared local insights, successful examples from renown brands and actionable directives courtesy of the AKQA China team.