What happens when AI and Ethics meet up at the bar? 

Join an inspiring event where we discuss and argue amongst ourselves whether it’s possible for AI and Ethics to have a drink and find a common ground.

Dato & tidspunkt


Cisco Danmark, Lautrupsgade 7, 2100 København (Nordhavn)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing its footprint in a lot of software products with a lot of strong arguments like improving efficiency and provide a better user experience. But adding such a layer of intelligence – what are the consequences? What are the limits for technological intelligence, if any? What needs to be considered as a responsible technology provider? Mr. Ethics might argue that there needs to be clear rules of engagement to protect the user, whereas AI might want to operate to provide the very best solution linked with a strong business case. 

Wednesday, June 1st 2022, 16:30 – 18:00
At Cisco Danmark, Lautrupsgade 7, 2100 København (Nordhavn)

During an afternoon event speakers representing AI and Ethics, will present different perspectives on the topic to inspire the audience. After the inspirational sessions, groups will discuss certain topics and present back to plenum for sharing thoughts and get feedback. The event will close with networking accompanied by some drinks and snacks. 

Practical information about the event – AI and Ethics, are we able to marry the two or at least find common ground? Signup is required but comes at 0 cost.

We look very much forward to an inspiring session with a lot of constructive discussions about how AI and Ethics goes hand in hand.


16:30-16:45 – Welcome to YITP event 2 / YITP & Cisco 

16:45-17:00 – The ethical perspective of it solutions / Johan Busse

17:00-17:15 – AI solutions in a business perspective / Rasmus Hauch 

17:15-17:45 – Group work 

17:45-18:00 (+-) Discussions about outcome of group work 

18:00- Networking with snacks

About the speakers:

Johan Busse:

With experience as a lawyer, different positions in public management and now being citizen counsellor at the municipality of Copenhagen and the chairman for the Danish Data Ethic, Johan Busse is representing a wide perspective of the society and how data and AI affects us all. Data ethics is an important topic as possible impacting all of us why “Data ethics is about propriety as the society consist of people.” Johan Busse.

Rasmus Hauch:

As Chief Technology Officer of the AI company 2021.ai, Rasmus Hauch works daily with implementing and utilizing AI in Danish organizations. Besides his role as CTO, Rasmus works as a board member and advisory of various businesses and organizations within the AI industry, for example as a member of European AI Alliance and advisor to the AI startup RYVER.AI.