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The Network for young emerging professionals working within the IT-industry.


This network is not only for IT professionals who are IT enthusiasts, but also for those who are not incredibly tech savvy but work with the business aspect of IT – all it requires is an affiliation to the industry, a professional affiliation. This is not a student network and we do not have an age limit, but if you work within the industry and consider yourself a young IT professional, we encourage you to sign up.

The purpose of this network is to connect IT Professionals interested in professional as well as social collaboration with peers in the industry.

Throughout the year the team behind YITP will plan and facilitate professional events where you can learn about current trends and topics as well as network and socialize.

Join the Network and the mailing list below and our Linked In page where we also inform about upcoming events.



It is no secret that the IT industry is everchanging, which requires attracting new talent. For this exact reason, a lot of IT companies today focus on attracting young talent through student positions, graduate and associate programs.

The initial entry into the industry can be exciting, but also overwhelming and at times also complicated. This was the outset of the Network today known as “Young IT Professionals”

The Network was founded by Andreas Eskelund Nielsen and Kim Bøgelund Hansen, who wanted to start a Network where the focus is on the emerging young talent in the industry.

“The point of the initiative is to create a network of young people, for the young people of the industry. A place where young IT professionals can meet up and learn about the changes in the industry, make connections and share the experience of being young within the IT industry.” Andreas says.

Being young, however, is a broad definition. What is important is a formal connection to the industry, either by working within an IT company or working in an IT role. It is not a recruitment platform nor is it a student network to gain entry into the industry.


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